About Us

The project to establish the Golden Corridor MakerSpace is led by a steering committee that has been meeting for about 2 years.  We are building a community for “makers” that provides access to the support, tools and skills necessary to startup and perpetuate an environment that will inspire and support young people and businesses as they learn and apply new skills to the art and science of “making” things.

Our community is now an expanding group of business people, parents, educators and representatives of municipalities, focused on bringing the intellectual and economic engine of a “makerspace” to the Golden Corridor, an area stretching along Interstate 90 from O’Hare Airport to Huntley.

Our plans include classes, facilities, equipment and other elements of support that will encourage hands-on learning - - the joy of achievement, the acceptance of failure, and the power of collaboration.  The population we will support directly is students of all ages and entrepreneurs interested in expanding their capabilities. Indirect beneficiaries will be employers and businesses in search of skilled people and patrons to involve in their businesses.

Those interested in participating in development or in participating in GCMS activities are encouraged to contact us.